The new Migration Policy Centre (MPC) Blog entry: Demographic and Geopolitical Imperatives need to Drive a new Approach to Migration Policy by Kathryn Lum, Research Fellow at the MPC

A recently held national workshop on migration in Naples, entitled " L’Europa e le Politiche di Migrazione” (Europe and Migration Policies), gathered a group of academics, civil servants, media and NGO representatives to discuss how to improve migration policy and governance, with a special focus on the Mediterranean region. The lively debate about how to shape policy to deal with Europe´s demographic and geopolitical challenges resulted in both disagreement, as well as a number of concrete proposals for moving forward. This blog entry discusses the main points that were addressed and the solutions proposed. Despite heated debate, the vast majority of participants agreed that new directions and approaches to migration are needed if Europe is to contain its looming demographic crisis, as well as maintain its geopolitical weight in the world.