MPC Report on Migration Stereotypes

The European Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström and Prof. Philippe Fargues, the Director of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC), presented to the press the MPC Report “Is What We Hear About Migration Really True? Questioning Eight Migration Stereotypes” in Brussels on 11 July. 

In this report, which is accompanied by a summary booklet of core messages, MPC’s experts re-think eight migration stereotypes in the light of MPC’s research and broader academic scholarship. These include: 1) We do not need migrants; 2) Migrants steal our jobs; 3) We do not need low-skilled immigrants in the EU; 4) Migrants undermine our welfare systems; 5) Migration hampers our capacity to innovate; 6) Our southern coastline is flooded with asylum seekers; 7) Economic migrants are trying to cheat our asylum system; 8) Our children suffer from having immigrants in class.