PREMIG inspired special section of International Migration

Seven articles have now been accepted for publication in the journal International Migration ( as a special section on return migration and transnationalism. 

This section, guest edited by Jørgen Carling and Marta Bivand Erdal, is based on a selection of papers from the PREMIG workshop ‘Return migration and transnationalism: alternatives or complements?’ ( Some of the papers have already been published online (; the remainder will be appearing over the coming months before the print publication next winter:
  • The emergence of lifestyle reasoning in return considerations among British Pakistanis. Marta Bolognani (University of Bristol)
  • Return migration intentions in the integration–transnationalism matrix. Jørgen Carling (Peace Research Institute Oslo) and Silje Vatne Pettersen (Statistics Norway)
  • Split return: transnational household strategies in Afghan repatriation.
    Kristian Berg Harpviken (Peace Research Institute Oslo)
  • The rise and fall of diasporic bonds in Japanese-Peruvian “return” migration
    Ayumi Takenaka (Bryn Mawr College)
  • Second-generation ‘return’ to Greece: new dynamics of transnationalism and integration. Russell King (University of Sussex) and Anastasia Christou (University of Sussex)
  • Double return migration: failed returns to Poland leading to settlement abroad and new transnational strategies. Anne White (University of Bath)
  • Post-return transnationalism and the Iraqi displacement in Syria and Jordan
    Vanessa Iaria (University of Sussex)