Conference " Linguistic and Cultural Vividness in Eastern and Central Europe: Value and Challenges", Beregszász/Berehovo, 26-28 March 2015)

The Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute organizes the series of events 'Rákóczi Days' at the end of every March since 2006 (in alignment with the birth anniversary of the honourable Hungarian Duke, Ferenc Rákóczi), within which - besides several other events - an international academic conference is held. This academic year the 'Rákóczi Days' will take place between 23-28 March, 2015 and our conference with the title "Linguistic and Cultural Vividness in Eastern and Central Europe: Value and Challenges" will be organized.

The linguistic, ethnic, denominational and cultural vividness of our region is generally known and acknowledged in social sciences. Linguists, demographers, ethnographers, anthropologists, men of letters, and sociologists have been investigating for long decades what surplus value this heterogeneity means for Europe and the region. However, through the historical, social, and political changes, as well as the distant and more recent past, and the events of our present it is obvious that this diversity poses challenges to us: to avoid conflicts on the ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural bases is an essential security policy interest. Research carried out in the sphere of social sciences and philology might contribute in a decisive way to our description, analysis and understanding of the functioning of smaller and bigger communities in this diverse region. This way we can help formulate ethnic, linguistic, denominational and cultural dominance, as well as contribute to preventing, or avoiding the exacerbation of conflicts.

Transcarpathia is one of the typically diverse and vivid regions of the wider area. Therefore, it is not accidental that the Philology Department (where Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, English and German major philologists work together) of the Ferenc Rákóczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute organizes an international interdisciplinary academic conference within the frame of the traditional 'Rákóczi Days' right here and on this topic.

Linguists, literary men, sociologists, ethnographers, anthropologists and demographers from Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Estonia, Russia, and the USA researching the main topic of the conference will be invited. The working languages of the conference are: Hungarian, English and Ukrainian.

We would like to invite you to the conference Linguistic and Cultural Vividness in Eastern and Central Europe: Value and Challenges to be held in Beregszász/Berehovo between 26-28 March, 2015.

Conference participation fees:
a) for Ukrainian citizens: 150 UAH.
b) for non-Ukrainian citizens: 450 UAH.

The participation fee includes the costs of the conference registration package and the standup banquet given by the president and the rector of the institute.

Please notify us by 1 February, 2015 if you can participate in our conference. In addition, could you please send us the title of your presentation and a short abstract to it (max. 2500 characters). Also, please indicate in what language you are going to present. We intend to publish all the abstracts in an edited abstract-volume before the conference. Furthermore, we would like to publish the selected and edited proceedings of the conference in a refereed volume of studies.

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