Call for papers - IV Multidisciplinary International Conference on Educational Research. Issue: Multiculturalism and Ethnic Minorities

Due to participants request CIMIE has extended the deadline until the 19th of February. We would be delighted of receiving your proposals.

The Multidisciplinary Educational Research Association (AMIE) calls the fourth edition of the Multidisciplinary International Conference on Educational Research (CIMIE), that will take place 2nd and 3rd of July 2015 at Valencia, Spain. This edition the Conference slogan is "Transparency, democracy and transformation in Educational Research".

As coordinators of the Multiculturalism and Ethnic Minorities issue we would be very grateful that you would share this call with your member's institution or research group. We will be delighted to receive any scientific contribution that would fit in this issue's content.

In this group we expect papers coming from different Social Sciences disciplines that would contribute with reflection elements, experiences and analysis linked to international migrations, ethnic minorities and diverse socio-cultural groups.

Papers could be about areas as:
a) education and social intervention as fundamental pillars to collectivities inclusion,
b) successful pedagogic, social and socio-educational actions to include these collectivities,
c) successful intercultural socio-educational experiences in different places as educational centers, socio-educational or communitarian activities, citizenship participation, formal and informal education (health, literacy, citizenship, and so on, education),
d) issues linked to communitarian intervention and other methodologies. We will positively value first those works directly linked to these research areas. As a fundamental key for them acceptance, we will take into account papers' innovation, quality and scientific rigour.

Next we point out some the most outstanding dates to registration and papers sending at CIMIE 2015:

Until 19th of February 2015: Deadline to send papers 1st of March 2015:
Areas or Issues responsible will notify by email to authors the acceptance or rejection of their paper.
1st of March - 31st of March 2015: Authors with accepted paper must carry out their registration to the Conference. 1st of March - 1st of May 2015: Conference's attendees must carry out their registration.

You can please check this link for further details on sending papers, and please do not hesitate to ask us any question related to the conference. Likewise you can keep updated with conference's news through the hashtag #CIMIE15.